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Ontario Unsolicited Proposals Program

Ontario Launches Unsolicited Infrastructure Proposals Framework

Government Creating New Way for Private Sector to Share Innovative Infrastructure Ideas

Program Overview

About The Unsolicited Proposals (USP) Framework

The program is open for all infrastructure proposals. This includes proposals for transit lines and stations, highways, health care facilities, housing supply projects, energy generation and storage projects and “digital infrastructure” (such as broadband and cellular network expansion).

The Province will focus on infrastructure projects that provide the greatest benefit to the people of Ontario, are feasible from a technical and commercial perspective, align with the government’s priorities and provide the greatest value for money for any investment of public dollars.

New and innovative infrastructure proposals that clearly demonstrate value or benefit for the people of Ontario and relate to the development of improvement of an infrastructure asset. The proposal must be something that is not requested in another program. This fund requires a three-stage process.
A proposal could demonstrate value by yielding an economic benefit, such as a revenue stream or payment to the government. But the benefit does not have to be economic. For example, a proposal could demonstrate value by:

  • Improving a community’s access to public services.
  • Providing commuters with a new transit line or highway.
  • Developing  a solution for improving the movement of people and goods or reducing congestion.
  • Improving the infrastructure used by first responders and emergency personnel to keep Ontarians safe.
  • Expanding access to broadband or cellular services.
  • Unlocking the economic potential of a region or sector whose growth was limited by the absence of infrastructure.
  • Addressing capacity needs in the energy sector.
  • Increasing the supply of housing.


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