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Regional Economic Growth through Innovation – Steel and Aluminum Initiative

High-intensity steel and aluminum users (equal to or greater than 20% of total input costs) are eligible to apply for the Regional Economic Growth through Innovation – Steel and Aluminum Initiative, a Federal initiative designed to support small and medium (10-499 employees) businesses who have been impacted by the high steel and aluminum import tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. This $100 million federal initiative will provide non-repayable contributions to downstream, SME steel and aluminum users.


Up to 45% of eligible costs for a total grant value between $150,000 and $1,000,000.


Priority will be given to applications received from March 11, 2019, to April 8, 2019. Upon allocation of program funds, proposals will no longer be accepted.

Eligible Applicants

  • Businesses such as: partnerships, social enterprises, incorporated companies, corporations or co-operatives, or an indigenous organization such as Indigenous/First Nation/Métis Settlement owned businesses, and all other types of enterprises
  • For-profit legal entities capable of entering into legally binding agreements
  • Employ between 10 to 499 individuals on a full-time basis in Canada
  • Intensive users of steel or aluminum (i.e., steel and/or aluminum expenditures are equal to or greater than 20 percent of total input costs)
  • capable of demonstrating plans for projects pursuing productivity enhancements, and/or innovations to augment firm competitiveness

Eligible Activities

Projects should include innovative investments that will enhance productivity and/or augment firm competitiveness while maintaining and creating jobs and promoting economic growth through the adoption of innovative technologies and processes.

Projects should aim to:

  • Improve productivity through the acquisition, adaptation or adoption of new technologies or processes
  • Re-engineer existing processes to improve manufacturing capacity
  • Develop late-stage products for market
  • Develop new or expand existing markets
  • Showcase or demonstrate new technology to the market

Eligible Costs

All costs must be reasonable and directly related to the eligible project activities. Eligible costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost of labour (e.g. wages and benefits)
  • Capital costs (e.g. purchase of machinery, equipment)
  • Operating costs that are directly related to the project (e.g. management fees)- up to 20 percent of the total project cost;
  • Professional, advisory and technical services
  • Costs related to intellectual property
  • Technological development and commercial demonstrations
  • Subcontracting costs
  • Production and distribution of promotional material and management tools
  • Maintenance costs


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