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Project Description

Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF)

The window of opportunity for the next round of the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) is fast approaching! The budget for this grant has increased significantly since last year, with an estimated $130 million available to meet local infrastructure needs and improve economic conditions. For 2019, the projected  formula-based component will increase to a total allocation of $200 million annually. Communities need not apply for the funding but will need to provide planning and reporting documents to the government to receive the grants.

Under the formula-based component, eligible recipients:

  • Receive allocation notices specifying stable, predictable funding for the next 3 years
  • May accumulate annual formula-based grants for up to 5 years to address larger infrastructure projects
  • Are guaranteed to receive a minimum of $50,000 per year

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Program Eligibility

Ontario Municipalities

  • All small municipalities (i.e., populations less than 100,000) are eligible. For the 2017, 2018 and 2019 grants, the 2011 census data was used to determine eligibility. For the 2020 grants, the 2016 census data was used.

In addition, all northern and rural municipalities are eligible.

Local Services Boards (LSBs)

  • LSBs that own water and/or wastewater systems are eligible to receive the minimum grant of $50,000 per year

Eligible Capital Expenditures

Capital expenditures on core infrastructure (roads, bridges, water and wastewater, including sanitary and stormwater facilities) projects that are part of an asset management plan are eligible, including:

  • Capital construction of new core infrastructure to be owned by the recipient that addresses an existing health or safety issue
  • Capital maintenance for the renewal, rehabilitation and replacement of core infrastructure owned by the recipient
  • Debt-financing charges specifically associated with the capital project activities above are eligible, if started after January 1, 2017

Eligible Asset Management Planning Expenditures

Eligible expenditures for the development, updating and improvement of asset management plans for any asset type(s), include:

  • Asset management software
  • Conferences and training that are 100% related to asset management planning including reasonable related travel, meals and accommodation expenses
  • Third-party condition assessments
  • Third-party consultants whose responsibilities are limited to asset management planning

Eligible Optimization Expenditures

Activities that improve the performance or increase the capacity of existing water and wastewater infrastructure under the Composite Correction Program are eligible, including:

  • Third-party comprehensive performance evaluations
  • Third-party comprehensive technical assistance

Eligible Staff Time Expenditures (For Municipalities Only)

Municipalities may allocate up to 40% or $80,000 of their formula funding per year (whichever is less) to hours worked by municipal staff whose responsibilities include:

  • Asset management planning
  • Composite Correction Program implementation while receiving third-party comprehensive technical assistance

Ineligible Costs Include:

  • Infrastructure expansion projects to accommodate future employment or residential development on greenfield sites
    acquisition and/or leasing of land, buildings and other facilities
  • Legal fees
  • Rolling stock (e.g. trucks, graders, etc.)
  • Movable/transitory assets (e.g. portable generators, etc.)
  • The costs of completing any application for and provincial funding program
  • All taxes
  • Stand-along street light projects
  • Costs for recreational trails

Success Stories

  • Township of Malahide received $3,458,519  to relocate a road and watermain due to lakefront erosion
  • City of Sault Ste. Marie received $2,000,000 to complete the third phase of roadway rehabilitation, including adding pedestrian facilities
  • Municipality of Chatham-Kent received $2,000,000 to rehabilitate the Parry Bridge, which will bring the structure up to current standards
  • Town of Petrolia received $2,000,000 to upgrade watermains, replace water services and appurtenances, and storm sewers
  • Municipality of Central Elgin received $2,000,000 to upgrade the Port Stanley Wastewater Treatment Facility


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