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Island Coastal Economic Trust – Economic Infrastructure Program

The Island Coastal Economic Trust has allocated over $50 million in private funds to support strategic economic development initiatives. These funds will enable communities, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous communities, as well as other eligible applicants to develop projects and build necessary infrastructure. Eligible projects will be supported with non-repayable funding up to a maximum of $400,000, provided the contribution is matched by the applicant. The purpose of this opportunity is to create and sustain economic growth and jobs in targeted sectors.

  • To support economic diversification and growth in the ICET region
  • To assist communities, the region and economic sectors improve their competitive position through the development of strategic economic development infrastructure
  • To provide the environment required for increased private sector investment in the ICET region
Eligible projects can be defined as the following:
  • Consistent with local or regional strategic priorities;
  • Economic growth and diversification impacts;
  • Tangible incremental economic benefits;
  • Cooperation between communities, local governments, First Nations and other organizations;
  • Long term economic and environmental sustainability;
  • High standards of financial management accountability and transparency;
  • Need for funding (ICET funding should be the tipping point for project realization).


Incremental costs required to directly implement a project will be considered eligible expenses. These costs must be reasonable, included in the budget and occur after the ICET approved project start date.
These may include:
  • Project materials and supplies;
  • Incremental third party labour costs required to implement the project;
  • Professional or consultant fees and reasonable expenses;
  • Necessary project related development costs;
  • Necessary project related permits, fees or other charges;
  • Project specific, pre-approved travel costs;
  • Reasonable incremental project management fees;
  • Facility rental fees (for training only, hospitality not included);
  • Project specific printing costs;
  • Advertising costs for project procurement purposes.
  • Local and regional governments
  • First Nations
  • Non-profit societies
  • Community contribution companies
  • Joint public-private ventures or partnerships
Other non-profit organizations involved in economic development such as:
  • Airport or harbour authorities;
  • Industry associations;
  • Sectoral organizations or educational institutions.
  • This list is not exhaustive and other legal forms of applicants may be considered. Multi-stakeholder partnerships are encouraged.There are three potential levels of matching funding:1:1 (50%), or equal matching, which is intended for smaller, remote and formerly resource-dependent communities;

    1:2 (33.3%), meaning that ICET funds no more than one-third of the project cost, which is intended for rural and smaller urban communities that are experiencing relative growth and economic prosperity;

    1:3 (25%), meaning that ICET funds no more than one-quarter of the project cost, which is intended for larger, urban communities, communities experiencing advantageous economic and growth opportunities and for community contribution companies and public-private partnerships.


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