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Grid Innovation Fund (GIF)

The Grid Innovation Fund (GIF) supports projects that have the potential to achieve significant electricity savings for Ontario ratepayers – either by enabling greater competition in Ontario’s electricity markets or by helping customers better manage their energy consumption.


Project Type
Maximum Funding / Maximum Contribution Ratio
Program$500,000 / 75%
Tool$500,000 / 75%
Training Program$250,000 / 75%
Community of Practice$250,000 / 75%
Strategic Research$100,000 / 75%
Emerging Technology Demonstration$500,000 / 75%
Strategic OpportunityNo maximum / 50%


Application deadline is February 14, 2020

Eligible Activities

Projects must directly address one of the following categories of conservation action:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Demand Response
  • Conservation Behaviour
  • Load Reduction
  • Load-Displacement
  • Efficient Electrification
  • Systems Integration

Eligible Expenses

  • Project-specific materials, equipment, products, and services
  • Salaries and benefits of employees directly involved in the design, selection, purchase, and installation of the project
  • Professional, engineering, scientific, technical, management and contracting services, including training
  • Permits and license fees
  • Funding for marketing, communications, and workshops directly related to project activities
  • Costs associated with the monitoring, verification, and evaluation of the project’s impacts, including data collection, processing, analysis, and management
  • Equipment and products, including diagnostic and testing tools and instruments and associated software
  • Costs associated with providing approved incentives to project participants

With the exception of waste energy recovery initiatives, projects relating to the research, development, and demonstration of transmission, distribution and electricity generation (e.g. solar, wind, water power, and fossil fuels) technologies are also not eligible for funding.

2018 Successful Projects

  • Development of Commercial-Scale Geothermal Systems ($500,000 at 43%)
    This deep energy retrofit will demonstrate a commercial-scale, lake-based geothermal system. The demonstration will produce valuable quantitative and qualitative information on the technology, and on deep energy retrofits more broadly, to inform future deployments.
  • Distributed Underground Air Compressors Demonstration ($500,000 at 33%)
    This project will seek to verify that small distributed air compressors can meet compressed air needs in mines using less than 50% of the energy compared to a conventional central surface compressor plant with associated underground distribution. The project will produce learnings on the business case and safe implementation of this novel approach.
  • Smart Community Microgrid Project ($500,000 at 16%)
    This project is a unique approach to residential community development. The entire project considers developing a community from the transmission station down to the individual homes, providing feeder visibility to the Local Distribution Company to monitor the feeder and optimize microgrid resources, including energy storage and EV supply equipment, according to real-time conditions to provide grid benefits. The project will generate valuable learnings for electricity network planners and operators, municipal planners, and developers on the value of microgrids.
  • Transactive Energy Network ($1,000,000 at 20%)
    This project, in collaboration with three Local Distribution Companies, will develop and demonstrate the ability to generate locational price signals at the distribution system level to facilitate the economically efficient integration of energy storage, microgrids, smart EV supply equipment, and other resources into the electricity system while protecting local grid reliability.


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