Our History

Fairtax Recovery Consultants Ltd. made its name as an industry leader in tax recovery, helping companies explore refund opportunities involving Canadian sales tax, payroll tax, fuel tax, customs duty, and SR&ED Investment Tax Credits.

Fairtax’s Evolution into Grants & Incentives

In 2015, Fairtax acquired Onager Solutions, an award-winning professional services firm specializing in Government Grants and Incentives, expanding our existing capabilities. Our combined expertise allowed us to create the “Fairtax Funding Strategy” to optimize our clients’ government funding opportunities, tax incentive potential, and SR&ED funding opportunities.

We leverage a deep body of knowledge spanning every industry and jurisdiction across Canada, providing a comprehensive approach that encompasses every aspect of identification, application, and post-approval compliance. This knowledge facilitated the creation of GrantMatchTM, our leading-edge, BIGdata FinTech tool. GrantMatchTM provides information on a wide range of grant programs, including program data and real-time program updates. GrantMatchTM also features a portal to connect clients with their curated grant recommendations, custom Grant Strategy, previous claims, competitive intelligence, direct access to a dedicated Fairtax team, and much more.

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