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Accelerate business growth by engaging the Fairtax team; our in-depth knowledge of the thousands of government funding and incentive programs will help minimize your risk and internal resources. Our holistic approach finds and secures the maximum possible government funding for your organization. Fairtax’s services include: grant identification, funding program matching (Stacking & Pairing), grant strategy development, funding application development & writing, and compliance reporting support.

Funding Themes


Advanced Manufacturing
New Processes/Efficiencies
New Products


Clean Technology
Waste Water
Carbon Footprint

Human Capital

Skills Development
Job Creation


Canadian Investment
Regional Markets
Export Markets

Our Approach

As government funding programs perpetually evolve, it can be difficult for your organization to keep fully updated. Traditionally, companies have executed a fragmented approach to government funding relying on limited internal experience, resources, and visibility into grant programs. This often results in a reactive approach, whereby funds are identified with only a short timeline to apply.

Fairtax begins with a proactive grant strategy to identify, triage, and maximize government funding opportunities for your organization. We develop a Strategic Funding Approach, which arises from a forward-looking strategy. However, in the initial engagement process, a Sprint Funding Approach quickly maximizes immediate funding opportunities for projects with tighter timelines.

Sprint Funding Approach

The Sprint Funding Approach maximizes immediate funding opportunities for projects with tighter timelines.

The Process:

  • Fairtax collects all necessary information pertaining to your current projects

  • Fairtax matches major funding programs based on relevance and urgency

  • Fairtax executes the application(s) on behalf of the client

  • The client reviews and submits the final application(s)

Strategic Funding Approach

The Strategic Funding Approach matches funding that aligns with your long-term business goals and objectives.

The Process:

  • Fairtax works with you to gain a thorough understanding of your business goals, objectives, short-term and long-term plans

  • Fairtax inputs your core data into GrantMatch™ to generate a curated list of available funding programs

  • Fairtax utilizes your organizations expenditure documents to develop an all-encompassing grant strategy

  • Fairtax executes the application(s) on behalf of the client

  • The client reviews and submits the final application(s)

Stacking & Pairing Funds

A key element to any grant strategy is the stacking and pairing of different funding programs, wherever possible, to maximize funds received on every project.

The process of Stacking and Pairing increases the number of active grant applications and maximizes the government contribution to a given project. Through our approach, Fairtax successfully obtains more funding for our clients through various programs.



Stacking refers to using the same project expenses to apply for funding from different programs where allowed. Generally, most funding programs cover a set percentage of costs (e.g. 35%) and allow an organization to utilize government funding from other programs to a defined maximum (e.g. 70%). Most programs require the applicant to inject a minimum amount of their own funds, but the remainder can be obtained from multiple funding programs. Generally, grant programs are either administered federally or provincially. Federal programs can be stacked with Provincial programs, and vice versa. However, it is rare for stacking to be allowed between two Federal programs, or two Provincial programs.



Pairing refers to a situation where different programs complement each other but cannot be stacked. In this case, the same project expenses are not able to be stacked under multiple programs. However, within our Funding Strategy, different elements of the overall project are separated in order to qualify for multiple funding programs. For example, specific capital expense line items could be broken down under the programs that best match the benefits of that item.

Our Process

Kick-Off Meeting

During our initial kickoff meeting, Fairtax will seek a high-level overview and understanding of your organization’s upcoming investment projects (12-15 months). This information will be analyzed to identify projects that align with the eligibility criteria of various incentive programs.

Strategy Development

Fairtax will complete a Funding Strategy for your organization that will highlight priority action items. The Grant Strategy document is a living document and will be updated regularly as Fairtax becomes more acquainted with your organization’s activities and strategic priorities. Many clients include Fairtax in their internal “Innovation Council Committee” meetings (or similar) where Fairtax gains visibility into all upcoming projects.


Once projects are identified and discussed, Fairtax will:

  • Research all applicable funding programs

  • Match project expenditures with available funding programs

  • Identify stacking & pairing opportunities

  • Communicate with government representatives and funding agencies, as needed

  • Prepare any communications required on your organization’s behalf

  • Complete applications

  • Manage compliance reporting process

Process Overview

About GrantMatch™

Government funding programs are dynamic and ever changing; it can be difficult to stay up to date on the vast and complicated array of available programs. GrantMatch™ has been developed to help organizations design and manage a proactive funding strategy.

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