Alberta Food Processors: Don’t Miss Out on These 4 Funding Programs!

The purpose of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Value-Added Products to Markets Program is to support the growth of Alberta’s value-added Food Processors and Bio-Industrial Processors. The Program targets projects that enable business growth through increased sales related to the development of new products, adoption of state-of-the-art processes, commercialization of products in new markets, and expansion of their business in local, domestic, and international markets.


Minimum grant request of $50,000 to a maximum of $500,000 per applicant per fiscal year.


Next intake period will open February 15, 2019. 

The Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC) is a 2-year Program that encourages manufacturing, processing, and tourism infrastructure companies to make capital investments in Alberta that will spur economic diversification and job creation. CITC encourages companies to make timely investments by returning a percentage of the company’s costs, including the purchase of machinery, equipment and buildings.


Non-refundable tax credit valued at 10% of a corporation’s eligible capital expenditures, up to a maximum of $5 million.


Next intake period will open January 14, 2019. Application deadline is February 13, 2019.

The Energy Savings for Agri-Processors (ESAP) – Large Projects Program provides funding to Agri-Processors operating in Alberta who are making significant, transformational investments in energy efficiency technology and systems. The Program targets projects that reduce energy consumption or lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through large scale adoption, adaptation or transformation of practices or processes.


This Program supports eligible expenses up to a maximum of $3,000,000 over the Program term and a maximum of $1,000,000 per fiscal year.​


The Program is open and accepting applications.

The Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program (FEAP) shares costs with the Agriculture and Agri-Processing sector on energy efficiency investments. The Program is designed to encourage energy management, resulting in cost savings, energy conservation, and ultimately, reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


Up to 50% of eligible costs, with a maximum funding amount of $250,000.


Application deadline is March 31, 2020.


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