Green Ontario Fund – Closed!

On June 19th, 2018, an announcement was made by Doug Ford’s team to immediately close the Green Ontario Fund and its associated GreenON programs (which include both residential and business/industry programs). All program information has been removed from the GreenON website

However, the funds that have been collected through the Cap and Trade Program must be redistributed. A similar situation occurred when Harper’s team cancelled an energy program; a new program was re-introduced shortly thereafter. It is my suspicion that Doug Ford will opt to provide financial assistance to businesses, rather than residents, to move the remaining balance of funds quickly [larger incentives, lower administrative costs]. We will await further details in regards to this provincial incentive.

OCE’s GreenON Food Manufacturing Program

Even with Doug Ford’s decision to abolish the GreenON programs, the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) is committed to allocating their portion of GreenON funding through the Food Manufacturing Program. As a result, the OCE’s intake for this program will not be affected. Any further developments affecting the current intake period will be monitored and released as soon as the information is available.

Federal Energy Incentives

Federally, there was a recent call for proposals for the Low Carbon Economy Challenge, a $450 Million energy incentive program. There remains a series of programs that would likely be the best possible source of funding for future energy saving projects. At the federal level, GHG reduction remains a priority.

Changing Political Landscape

Within our changing political landscape, it is important to have a diversified funding strategy that maximizes all funding programs, both federally and provincially. Certain programs are not as susceptible to changes due to their binding federal bi-lateral agreements. Contact your Fairtax Funding Specialist today to help navigate the changing and complex world of government funding.


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