3 Things You Should Know About Your Next Sales Tax Review

  • Reviews should be done regularly. It is extremely important that you perform a sales tax review every 2-4 years to ensure that you are not losing any potential refund opportunities.

  • A Fresh approach is critical. A BIG DATA Fintech approach can apply cutting edge technology and advanced algorithms to maximize visibility into overlooked tax opportunities  buried in data-sets.

  • Process improvement is necessary.  Testing and updating internal processes and systems is a proactive way to maximize visibility into potential tax issues and to minimize future tax leaks.

At Fairtax, we work to identify areas where you are entitled to a recovery; either by way of internal adjustment or by refund claims. Your staff already know tax laws and rules, we work to identify data oversights and potential tax issues to simplify the review process and provide you with improved systems and processes for your day-to-day operations.


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