Provincial & Federal Funding Update

Accessing Provincial & Federal Grants & Incentives is becoming complex and competitive along with the expectations from the relevant reviewing authority. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to have a coordinated and comprehensive grant strategy in order to leverage and optimize the use of your local taxpayer dollars.

Within Municipalities, due to typical budget constraints, there is rarely one dedicated individual whose sole function is to complete or coordinate funding applications across all departments, let alone, to develop a comprehensive granting strategy. For this reason, many grant and incentive opportunities fall by the wayside.

The granting process has become more competitive and only the best projects, those that most accurately match the funding program objectives, are achieving funding.

The Provincial and Federal government’s funding process is becoming increasingly fragmented, and it can be very costly if opportunities are missed due to a lack of awareness, insufficient time to dedicate to preparing an application, or project misalignment with the funding goals; resulting in a rejected application.

Fairtax Grants & Incentives is a National Team of dedicated strategic professionals who will manage your entire granting process from the initial strategy, grant identification, application writing, and post-approval compliance support.

A sample of what’s new and hot in Grants and Incentives for Municipalities is below:

  • Eastern/South Western Ontario Development Fund (EODF/SWODF): 50% coverage up to $1.5 Million. Program supports organizations who are looking to stimulate economic development in Eastern or South Western Ontario. Program is Accepting Applications Now.
  • Rural Economic Development: Up to 50% coverage with no maximum limit. Program supports planning and implementation to support job creation and business investment in rural communities.
  • Provincial & Federal Infrastructure Funding

Full applications are due in November. Eligible costs for both funds include: Roads, Bridges, Water & Wastewater, Public Transit, Broadband, Local and Regional Airports etc.

  • Ontario Community Infrastructure – Maximum of $2 Million.
  • Federal Government’s Small Communities Fund – No Maximum.


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