Sales Tax

We work to identify areas where you are entitled to a recovery; either by way of internal adjustment or by refund claims.

Our comprehensive approach builds on the experience gained from thousands of reviews across public and private bodies. We quantify any and all refund opportunities and provide full documentary support for all amounts identified. In addition to the potential financial benefits, Fairtax also provides you with improved systems and processes for your day-to-day operations.


We will review all areas pertaining to Canadian Sales Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Fuel Taxes and Customs Duty. We will provide you with all the necessary information for the preparation of your recovery claims.

Offsite Data Review

We will perform a comprehensive data analysis of the accounts payable offsite. We will work with your team to obtain all the necessary information to perform this review.

On-Site Follow Up

We will perform an on-site review of your accounts payable, test specific issues and quantify all refund opportunities. We require minimal use of your staff during this review so that your company can continue daily operations.


Upon completion of your review, we will provide you with a full disclosure report detailing the areas of recovery, the legislative grounds for such recoveries, scheduling of relevant vouchers and full documentary support.

Post Recovery Support

We will integrate a daily operations strategy for your company and will provide training to staff. Assistance is available on an ongoing basis.

Issue Divulgence, Applicability and Review

Potential issues cover a wide range of GST/HST, provincial sales tax, payroll program incentives and financial issues not captured by general reviews or internal audits.

Some companies have the potential to claim multiple issues. We will work with you every step of the way to help you receive the maximum refund amounts.

Special Projects

Fairtax also has qualified professionals capable of assisting you in managing a variety of special projects, including but not limited to:

On-Call Advisory Services

Provincial Sales Tax Advisory

Audit Management / Coordination

Assessment Minimization / Audit Defense

Focused Liability Identification Reviews

Ruling Requests

Opinion Letters

Staff Augmentation

Revenue Stream and Product Tax Status Determination

Voluntary Disclosures


We offer these services to our clients at preferred special project per Diem rates. Please contact us directly at 1.800.268.2880 for more information.