Grants & Incentives

We take a holistic approach to grants and incentives through a focused and dedicated group of experts. Our “Fairtax Funding Strategy” provides a unique and integrated approach to optimizing clients’ government funding opportunities, tax incentive programs, and SR&ED funding. We see this funding as a strategic tool to help you reach your business objectives, which is why we take the time to invest in and thoroughly understand your business and its goals.


If you are looking to find new and creative ways to grow, or simply manage your growth in a more strategic manner, Fairtax can help. Business planning takes several different forms, but it’s all about understanding where you are, where you’re going, and finding the best path forward. We’re an objective and dedicated group of strategic professionals that look to understand your organization and add value throughout the process.


Successful growth requires strategic planning but also the effective use and deployment of capital and resources. As part of our business planning process with you, we use our proprietary database to search relevant funding programs that we can leverage to assist in the costs of achieving your objectives. Finding, navigating, understanding, and applying for the available grants and incentives requires expertise that only a truly dedicated and focused group can provide.


Grant applications are similar to business plans because they both require defined goals and a logical implementation plan. Expected results need to be quantified and justified through realistic and objective arguments. As a strategic partner throughout the identification, application, and post‐approval compliance process, Fairtax understands your business and uses our expertise in grants and incentives to connect the two for a successful outcome.