Canada Job Grants

Canada Job Grants The Canada Job Grant, launched in the 2013 federal budget, was the flagship of the Economic Action Plan 2013. By 2017-18, a total of approximately $300 million per year will be invested nationally in the Canada Job Grant1  to: assist Canadians to receive the training they require to fill the available jobs;… Read more »


PUBLIC SECTOR BODY (PSB) ALERT Recently, many of our Public Service Body (PSB) clients received a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with the following subject line: Claim periods for public service body rebates. Several of our clients contacted us for our opinion on how this would impact their GST/HST rebates claims. In particular,… Read more »

The Ontario RITC Phase Out Begins

The Ontario RITC Phase Out Begins Since the inception of the HST in Ontario on July 1, 2010, the bane of many Controllers’ existence has been the Ontario RITC and its many twists and turns.  But some good news, it’s on its way out, albeit in slow motion. The Ontario RITC applies to large businesses… Read more »

The Canada Job Grant Program: Better Skills for Better Jobs?

The Canada Job Grant Program: Better Skills for Better Jobs? This article also appeared in FEI Canada’s e-Newsletter Toronto, ON, Feb 17, 2015 – The Canada Job Grant (CJG) is the latest government incentive program which aims to support Canadian employers in training their new and existing employees to acquire better job skills and employment… Read more »