A Walk Through The Customs Appeal Process

A Walk Through The Customs Appeal Process Masai Canada Limited’s footwear product is not your average shoe brand. Loyal MBT clients would agree, it’s something of an “intelligent design”. The MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) was developed back in 1996 after researchers observed the Masai people walking barefoot on uneven ground. It was then discovered that… Read more »

New Liberal Government Impact

New Liberal Government Impact The recent election results will have a significant impact on the Canadian grants and incentives landscape. The new Liberal government has committed to significant increases over the next two years to infrastructure spending, skills training, agri-food, green infrastructure, public transit and jobs and innovation. Specifically, within the Liberal platform, some of… Read more »

What are government grants and incentives?

What are government grants and incentives? Government grants and incentives are non-repayable funds that the government has allocated specifically to benefit the public, often with the goal of growing the economy and creating jobs. Grants exist where there are spillover benefits outside of your organization. It is tempting to think of grants as found money,… Read more »

Provincial & Federal Funding Update

Provincial & Federal Funding Update Accessing Provincial & Federal Grants & Incentives is becoming complex and competitive along with the expectations from the relevant reviewing authority. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to have a coordinated and comprehensive grant strategy in order to leverage and optimize the use of your local taxpayer dollars. Within Municipalities,… Read more »

Grants and Incentives Increase

Grants and Incentives Increase With the impending Federal election, there has been a noticeable increase in activity within the realm of Grants and Incentives. The most recent announcement being the roll out of the relatively new 10 year infrastructure and 5 year training programs. A common theme is that the government of the day consistently… Read more »

PTO – No, it’s not Randy Bachman’s new band.

PTO – No, it’s not Randy Bachman’s new band. While not a new issue, Power Take Off (PTO) usage, and resulting fuel tax refunds in Ontario, continue to be overlooked. Companies that acquire fuel in the province of Ontario in the form of unleaded gasoline, propane or clear diesel for their business should be aware… Read more »