Alberta 2016 Budget Highlights

Jobs, Investment and Diversification Economic Development and Trade is leading implementation of the new jobs, investment and diversification package. Over two years, this $250 million package will provide: $90 Million for a new Alberta Investor Tax Credit that will provide investors a tax credit for investing in eligible small and medium enterprises in Alberta. $75… Read more »

Federal Budget 2016 – Impact on Grants & Incentives

Federal Budget 2016 – Impact on Grants & Incentives Major investments are being made this year and committed for the next 2 years within the Federal Budget. This year the Federal Budget plans to spend $317.1 billion in total. That is $868 million daily, or $108 million every working hour. Nonetheless, the budget has a… Read more »

FEDERAL BUDGET 2016 – Sales Tax Highlights

No major changes to the Excise Tax Act were announced in last week’s Federal Budget. There was talk that the University of Calgary decision would be addressed but that did not occur. However, a handful of changes were proposed on smaller issues including; Closely Related Test for Purposes of purposes of Sections 150 and 156… Read more »


GST / HST – INPUT ALLOCATION METHOD One of the most contentious areas of the Excise Tax Act is the determination of an allocation method for those taxpayers who have a mixture of taxable and exempt supplies. There have been many court cases on this issue, including Fairtax’s recent victory in the BC Ferries Case…. Read more »

Something Seems Fishy Here

Something Seems Fishy Here At Fairtax, our exposure to a cross section of industries and clients gives us the ability to come across some interesting tax scenarios and provides our consultants with the opportunity to be creative and collaborative in their approach to recovering commodity taxes.  The following is a recap of one of those… Read more »

Grants & Incentives – Municipalities

Grants & Incentives – Municipalities Accessing the myriad Provincial and Federal grants and incentives that are available is becoming more complex each day it seems. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to have a coordinated and comprehensive grant strategy in order to leverage and optimize the use of local taxpayer dollars. Within Municipalities, due to… Read more »