About Us

Our reputation as an industry leader in tax recovery means that you will receive expert and creative solutions from our dedicated and strategic professionals. All Fairtax professionals have a minimum of 15 years of experience and have worked extensively with large, complex organizations.

We’ve fought for millions in recoveries, for thousands of clients. We don’t get paid until you get your refund!

The Core

As we grow as a firm, it is increasingly important to explicitly define our core values.
These values do not change, but rather they are the foundation of our company culture.


Going where others won’t, we’re focused on recovering the maximum tax for each client. We are committed to delivering on our word and expectations.


Relentless in both technology and fresh ideas. Together we bring a new level of expertise, driving deeper into tax legislation.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationships. Our success over time has made us a leading and trusted partner for tax recovery across Canada.