Sales Tax

Our team will work with you to quantify all refund opportunities pertaining to Canadian Sales Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Fuel Taxes and Customs Duty. Not only will we help you recover what you are entitled to, we provide your company with improved systems for the future.

Grants & Incentives

We’re not just grant writers - we’re dedicated grant and incentive professionals who develop a comprehensive and strategic grant strategy along with completing the application process to help you secure government funding and grow your business. In fact, we’re the largest Canadian firm focused on securing Government Grants and Incentives, with knowledge of more than 4,000 funding programs, totaling more than $14 Billion annually.

Apprenticeship Management

We don’t just help you recover money, we help you save! Contact us to learn how to take advantage of all tax credits available to you and your organization.

Post-Recovery Services

Your business is our business. Our team of experts are always available to you and your organization, helping you save money for years to come.


Fairtax leads the industry in obtaining Government funding, in Canada. Our group of companies, with over 200 employees, has recovered billions since inception.

We specialize in obtaining government Grants and Incentives, SR&ED tax credits and Sales Tax. Fairtax has recently expanded its visibility into over 4,000 government programs that represents over $30 billion in government funding beyond the SR&ED program. Our experience with these programs allows us to execute a comprehensive strategic approach to all sources of available government funding for clients.

Our success rate is over 94%. Contact Fairtax and discover what funding, incentives and tax credits are available to you!

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